Channel 9 Interview: Re-signing ClickOnce Application and Deployment Manifests with MAGE

I just posted another interview on Channel 9. I sit down again with Saurabh Bhatia, a Program Manager on the Office Client team, who is responsible for the ClickOnce publishing functionality in Visual Studio. We chat about trust issues and certificates and he sets me straight on how ClickOnce deployment and application manifests work. He then shows how to re-sign them outside of Visual Studio using a tool called Mage. This is really handy for folks that need to modify the files within a deployment package, like the application settings (app.config) file, but don’t have Visual Studio installed.

Channel 9: Resigning ClickOnce Application and Deployment Manifests with MAGE

Saurabh draws on the whiteboard in this one and since I’m a one (wo)man show I couldn’t jump up and zoom in so I redrew it for you all here.

Saurabh has also posted more details in an article he wrote here.

Links from the show: