dnrTV: Showing off the Open XML SDK and LINQ

Yesterday Carl posted another dnrTV show with yours truly. This time I’m talking about the Open XML SDK, something that I’ve written and spoken about many times. In this episode I show how to use Word 2007 content controls and map them to custom XML parts so that you can query structured data from unstructured documents using Visual Basic’s LINQ to XML. What’s really cool about the Open XML format is that you don’t need Office installed at all – no COM Interop needed. You’re working with the file formats directly. And it’s super simple using VB’s XML literals and LINQ with the SDK.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time when I did the show with Carl and I couldn’t finish my demos. So this morning I filmed another quick episode that shows how to create documents from database data directly, so keep on the lookout for the follow up show :-).

dnrTV Show: Beth Massi on the Open XML SDK

And here are the links from the show:

[UPDATE: Here’s code samples (also includes a presentation pptx)]