WPF Drag-Drop Data Binding on dnrTV & WPF Business App Resources

I’m still catching up from holiday vacation so I just watched my dnrTV episode today that I filmed with Carl when I saw him at DevTeach in Montreal last month. I always enjoy interviewing with Carl. He has a way of making you feel comfortable and making you look maaaavelous in an interview.

In this episode I show a new feature of Visual Studio 2010 related to drag-drop data binding for WPF. I start by building a teeny WPF form from scratch in Visual Studio 2008 and hooking up the bindings manually (similar to how I do it in the WPF Forms over Data Videos). Then I show how to create a Master-Detail form in WPF using drag-drop data binding which saves a ton of time because all of the controls and bindings and data load code is generated for you, similar to what we have now in Winforms. It’s one of the RAD features you would expect be in the Visual Studio box — and it is in VS2010.

Here’s some more resources on WPF Drag-Drop Data Binding and Visual Studio 2010 and the Program Manager, Milind Lele, in charge of the feature:

Here’s how you can get the CTP and a fix for the VPC expiration issue:

If you can’t wait for Visual Studio 2010 (who can!?) to start jumping into WPF for business applications, check out these resources:

Feel free to post a comment to this post if you find more WPF Business Application resources out there.