Working From Home – In Redmond!?!

I’ve been up in Redmond this week for a regularly scheduled office visit but instead of 5 days of meetings I only could get 3 days in. This is because on Wednesday night it started to snow! Yes, it snows in Seattle! I have been coming up here (and lived here for a brief period) since 2001 and it’s snowed every year that I can remember. Don’t let people fool you ;-)

So I’ve been house-bound going on the second day. I know there are a lot of snow storms in North America today. I just saw that Toronto is getting pummeled along with NYC, Boston, Minneapolis, etc. I feel your pain! Today I’m going to try to get to SEATAC to fly back home to the SF Bay Area where it’s just raining really hard. :-) I admit I’m a wimpy California girl. I think snow belongs only in the mountains in the winter!

I do hope I make it home though, my mom won’t be very happy if I miss her Italian Christmas. (That will be enough guilt to last until next Christmas — probably longer).

I do have to say though, the snow is beautiful!


I’ll try to enjoy! :-)