Visual Studio 2010 CTP VPC is Expiring — Here’s the Fix!

The first episode in a series on VS 2010 was posted this week on Channel 9. The series is put on by some of my favorite niners; Brian Keller, Jason Olson, Drew Robbins and Jonathan Carter. This episode not only shows you how to download and set up the Visual Studio 2010 VPC but also contains info on how to extend the time bomb past the end of the year by disabling the system clock synchronization between your host OS and the VPC. So if you’re working with the VS CTP right now like I am this will come in handy ;-)

Here’s more info from Brian Keller and Jeff Beehler:

Visual Studio 2010 CTP VPC: Dealing with Activation Messages

Dealing with the Team System 2010 CTP expiration