WPF Forms over Data Gets Easier in Visual Studio 2010

Today I was looking at comments on one of my WPF videos on how to create a Master-Detail form in WPF and I had to agree:

“I was looking into learning WPF – but jeez, what happened to RAD?  It takes all this to create a simple Master/Detail form?”

(BTW, Sorry I couldn’t respond on the site itself, I’ve been having problems with my site login.)

Designing WPF forms that work with data in Visual Studio 2008 is tedious (to say the least) — you have to hook up all the data binding in XAML and code. It’s not hard, it’s just time consuming. (BTW, here’s the link to all the WPF videos I’ve done on this topic so far.)

Well luckily Visual Studio 2010 will enable drag-drop data binding in WPF! Milind Lele, the Program Manager on this feature, blogged about it here and here. I’m heading to DevTeach on Monday and I just picked up another session, one on WPF data binding. I plan on showing this feature of VS 2010 at the end and I think it will be a big hit, especially to those who are building business applications in WPF today.

If you want to try it out (and have a few hours to spend downloading ;-)) then you can pick up a copy of the Visual Studio 2010 Community Tech Preview (CTP) which is distributed as a VPC. Otherwise come back here for more info on this, I’ll be playing with it myself…  ;-)