WPF RSS Feed Aggregator on CodePlex

Alessandro Del Sole, Visual Basic MVP, has been busy on CodePlex writing a neat WPF learning application that aggregates RSS feeds. In his words:

It’s developed in Visual Basic 2008 and uses LINQ-to-Xml and XML Literals to read feeds and persist XML data. You’ll learn a lot of things like:

  • WPF Styles and control templates;
  • WPF Data-binding;
  • WPF color animations;
  • Creating a Grid to show data in WPF;
  • LINQ-to-Xml query expressions and embedded expressions in Visual Basic 2008;
  • XML Literals in Visual Basic 2008;
  • Enabling IntelliSense for LINQ-to-XML with XML Schema Inference

I just started playing with it myself and it’s pretty cool. I wrote a mini feed browser to search Sara’s Visual Studio Tip of the Day posts using XML Literals that can cache the posts as well. I’ll probably try to update it in WPF as well based on this. Thanks Alessandro!