I’m Speaking at Silicon Valley Code Camp on Saturday Nov. 8th

silconmapmeThere are over 1100 people registered for the Silicon Valley code camp this year! Wow! That’s a couple hundred more than last year. This is a free event people, so there’s no excuse not to come out to Foothill college this year. And it’s not all Microsoft technologies (of course not –we’re in Silicon Valley for heaven’s sake!) so there’s a lot of variety of talks and a diverse crowd of developers to network with. And people are coming from all over. The home page has an interactive Virtual Earth map on it that shows how far attendees and speakers are coming from to attend. We have attendees coming from as far as New Jersey. Woah.

Tim Ng from the Visual Basic Team will also be delivering a couple talks, one on LINQ fundamentals and one called Introducing F# both on Saturday. Check out the full schedule here.

I’ll be speaking all on Saturday as well and I’ve got three topics (all Visual Studio of course). These are the same talks I did at SDC in early October: LINQ to Everything, the ever popular Conquering XML with Visual Basic 9 and finally Taking Advantage of LINQ and Open XML in Office 2007.

There’s also these cool "Lightening talks" they’re trying out this year which are 5 minute demos/talks. I’ll probably do one or 10 ;-). I can think of a lot of tips and tricks just around XML Literals and Office development. Of course I could also steal some of Sara’s tips and promote her book a bit too (proceeds go to charity).

There’s also a BBQ on Saturday evening so it should be a lot of fun. I expect all the evangelists and developer community people to be there, so don’t be square. It’s your FREE chance to ask us your tough development questions. So get to registering, will ya?!