Channel 9 Interview: WPF Drag-Drop Data Binding in Visual Studio 2010

And speaking of RAD with WPF…. I just posted a new Channel 9 video with Milind Lele, Program Manager on the Visual Studio Pro Tools team.  In this interview Milind shows one of the new RAD improvements I was talking about that is coming to WPF in Visual Studio 2010 — Drag-Drop Data Binding. See… Read more

WPF Forms over Data Gets Easier in Visual Studio 2010

Today I was looking at comments on one of my WPF videos on how to create a Master-Detail form in WPF and I had to agree: “I was looking into learning WPF – but jeez, what happened to RAD?  It takes all this to create a simple Master/Detail form?” (BTW, Sorry I couldn’t respond on… Read more

Office Development with Visual Studio Developer Center Just Launched!

Everything you need to know about building Office solutions in Visual Studio is on the new Office Development with Visual Studio Developer Center! (update your bookmarks: – Right on the home page meet MVPs and members of the product team who share tips, tricks, presentations, and trip reports about meeting developers like you. –… Read more

I’ll Be Freezing… uh… Speaking at DevTeach Montreal in December

I’ll be speaking at DevTeach in Montreal December 1st – 5th this year…. brrrrr!!!! I guess I need a winter coat! Seriously though, this Canadian .NET/SQL conference is always jam-packed with high caliber speakers, take a look. I’ll be speaking on Visual Basic 6 to .NET Migration (similar to this webcast I did with Rob)… Read more

WPF RSS Feed Aggregator on CodePlex

Alessandro Del Sole, Visual Basic MVP, has been busy on CodePlex writing a neat WPF learning application that aggregates RSS feeds. In his words: It’s developed in Visual Basic 2008 and uses LINQ-to-Xml and XML Literals to read feeds and persist XML data. You’ll learn a lot of things like: WPF Styles and control templates;… Read more

Loading Data and Binding Controls in WPF with CollectionViewSource

When designing WPF Windows with data (or as I usually refer to them WPF "Forms") we have many options on how we want to load the data and bind our controls. Depending on where the data is coming from and how it’s being used there are a lot of possibilities. DataContext "Direct" Suppose we have… Read more

I’m Speaking at Silicon Valley Code Camp on Saturday Nov. 8th

There are over 1100 people registered for the Silicon Valley code camp this year! Wow! That’s a couple hundred more than last year. This is a free event people, so there’s no excuse not to come out to Foothill college this year. And it’s not all Microsoft technologies (of course not –we’re in Silicon Valley… Read more

New WPF How Do I Videos Released!

I posted two more WPF “Forms over Data” videos onto the Developer Center that you should check out. How Do I: Edit Tabular Data in WPF? – learn how to create a simple data grid in WPF for editing tabular data using Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1. How Do I: Create a Master-Detail Data… Read more

Halloween Recovery

Our party was a blast on Halloween night. Alan and I were a little torn up: But luckily we had a rabbi and a priest at the party to help (my parents, yes — my mom is the rabbi): But most creative was our neighbor Scott who dressed up as Al Davis: Unfortunately I didn’t… Read more