My favorite holiday is Halloween and I’m throwing a huge party at my super-freaky haunted house. I’ve got the whole place decorated — which was a challenge to get done on time because I attended PDC. I drove back yesterday afternoon and I decorated until midnight. Now it’s time to go outside and build the… Read more

More PDC Tidbits, Data Everywhere, Visual Studio 2010 CTP

Day 3 at PDC is off to a great start so far. I just attended a session on the architecture and development of the content delivery infrastructure and Silverlight client for the NBC Olympics online. It’s pretty amazing how they pulled it off but one of the reasons for the success was scrumming and face-to-face… Read more

Learn How to Program with Small Basic

Microsoft Developer Labs has released Small Basic, a simple programming language based on BASIC and a development environment that runs on Windows XP or Vista (written in WPF on the .NET Framework 3.5). There’s good documentation and examples as well as a Forum to ask questions and post your cool programs. I got so addicted… Read more

Community Article: Enabling Speech Recognition in Microsoft Word 2007 with Visual Studio 2008

If you missed it, yesterday we released a new community submitted article onto the Visual Basic Developer Center and the Office Development with Visual Studio Portal by MVP Alessandro Del Sole. In this article learn how to control the Vista operating system’s speech recognition engine in .NET from a custom task pane in Microsoft Word… Read more

Channel 9 Interview: ADO.NET Data Services in Visual Studio 2008 SP1

In this interview Saaid Kahn, a Program Manager on the Visual Studio Pro Tools team (and former member of the VB Team), shows us how to create an n-tier application against a database using ADO.NET Data Services (Astoria) and an Entity Data Model, both now available in Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1. ADO.NET Data… Read more

Editing Data from Two Tables in a Single DataGridView

I’ve had a lot of questions lately on how to display data from two separate tables in the database into a single DataGridView for editing. It sure would be nice if all our data was in a single table, but in reality most of the time it’s not. Basically the problem is that we want… Read more

Holland Tour

On Wednesday the conference organizers of the SDN Conference took the speakers on a Holland Tour. We left the conference center and hotel in the morning and headed to Rotterdam. I got to ride with Maurice in his little green Miata, very fun!  The countryside is just beautiful and very green. It didn’t take us… Read more

SDN Conference Day 2

Today I woke up at the crack of dawn because I had an 8:30 AM session. Okay maybe not quite the crack, but for me it was early. Especially after a night of socializing. That’s a really cool thing about conferences here, the attendees love to go out with you after dinner and uh.. socialize…. Read more

First Day at SDN Conference

I’m here in the Netherlands in a town called Noordwijkerhout near Amsterdam at the SDN Conference with a lot of great speakers and sessions.   I took these shots while the attendees were in session. There’s good food, great vendors and lots of entertainment — XBoxes, bowling, pin-pong, and lots of bars ;-) We also… Read more