Check it out – VB Social Bookmarks

John mentioned that they just released a social bookmarking preview so that we can pop social feeds (feeds generated by content bookmarked by you) to enable all members of the community to publish useful resources directly to MSDN and TechNet. Check it out, the visual basic feed is on the VB Dev Center Community page displaying links by popularity.

You can also take a look at my bookmarks, not an exhaustive list of course, I just stated bookmarking 2 days ago ;-). There’s plenty more stuff for me to add!

I’m heading to TechEd next week where we’ll be showing off a lot of the new MSDN features. I’ll also be on a panel discussing XML literals and speaking on VB6–>.NET migration. Of course, most of my time will be at the Visual Basic booth (yep that’s me, VB booth babe) so stop by and I’ll show you some amazing things!

Look for a full trip report next week. :-)