LINQ to XML Webcast Added to the VBeth Webcast Series

That’s right, I’m doing this one again on April 4th since I got such a great turnout! (Let’s hope the recording works this time… grrrrrr)

Live From RedBethmond: VB9 – Working with XML in Visual Basic
4/4/2008 9:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada) | Duration:60 Minutes

XML permeates every modern application today from XHTML, XAML, RSS, SOAP, Office Open XML just to name a few. Even your Visual Studio project files and configuration settings are XML files. The latest version of Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2008 supports a new language syntax aimed at making you much more productive when working with XML. In this Webcast we’ll walk through language features like XML literals, embedded expressions and axis properties in order to create, query and transform XML with this powerful but easy to use syntax. Say goodbye to XSLT and hello to Visual Basic 9.