Happy Anniversary — 1 Year at Microsoft — I made it!

Today is my one year anniversary here at Microsoft. I can’t believe how time flies – it must be because I’ve had so much fun creating content and engaging with online community this past year. The VB Dev Center has come a long way in that time and I’m excited to be part of a team that really values online community.

Thanks to all the readers of my blog and the encouragement and support you’ve all given me on the videos, interviews, articles, webcasts, samples and even emails! Even though I can’t possibly respond to everyone please know that I do read all of your feedback. And remember to use the forums for general questions, as that will be much more responsive than I can be.

So here at Microsoft it’s a tradition to put a pound of candy for each year you have been here outside your door for people to munch on. Since I’m working up in Redmond this week I brought popcorn, licorice and gum drops (I like variety) that I figured added up to a pound. I still have about a pound left!!! Hmmm… next time, chocolate!

Thanks again for all the support from you and thanks to the awesome teams I have worked with this year especially VS, VB and MSDN.

Here’s to enjoying another year!