Webcast Tomorrow! – Introduction to LINQ in Visual Basic

I’ll be delivering a webcast tomorrow morning on an intro to LINQ in VB. If you’re lost or just want to get started with it, join me and come see what it’s all about.

Live From RedBethmond: VB9 – Introduction to LINQ in Visual Basic
3/7/2008 9:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada)- 3/7/2008 10:00 AM | Duration:60 Minutes
LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query and it allows you to query over things like objects, databases and XML in a standard way with a new syntax available in the latest versions of Visual Basic and C#. In this Webcast you will learn how to get started writing LINQ queries using the simple but powerful query syntax available in Visual Basic. We’ll walk through a variety of basic queries as well look at aggregates and groups over different data sources. You will also see how writing queries over XML using specific Visual Basic syntax like XML literals and axis properties can help you be much more productive when working with XML. 

Hope to see you there!