Join Me in San Francisco Tonight!

I’ll be speaking tonight at the grand re-opening of Bay.NET at their new location near Macy’s downtown (Powell St. BART station).

What’s New in Visual Basic 9 


Wednesday, 2/20/2008 at 6:30 PM


Microsoft San Francisco Office, 835 Market Street, Suite 700, San Francisco, CA 94103

I’ll be showing all that is new and cool in Visual Basic 9 including an explanation of all the new language features and how to use them. I’ll be there for over 2 hours so expect a lot of demos and a lot of interaction with the attendees. I like to involve people in discussions at user groups because you have a lot more time and usually the crowd is 50 people or under so you can be more engaged with everyone. I promise it will be worth your while so come on out tonight! We can all grab a beer afterwords.

Registration is required but it’s FREE. But… if you can’t make it, here’s the presentation and most of the demo code I’ll be showing.

Also check out the EastBay.NET user group where I run a pre-talk talk every month called FUNdamentals. It starts before the main talk from 5:45pm until 6:30pm. This year we’re building a software-as-a-service application for pizzerias and we’re trying to touch on all the awesome (and overwhelming) features in .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 so that we can all walk away with a clear picture of how all the pieces fit together and how to get started using them.