Man! I haven’t blogged all week and I’m going through withdrawal. I’ve been up in Redmond with the gang and back-to-back meetings all day and meet-and-greet dinners every night make it hard to have time to answer emails let alone blog. But now I’m up in Victoria, BC for Code Camp that’s tomorrow. I’ll be speaking on all things new and exciting in VB9. Check out the schedule and come on over if you’re in the area. I’ll also be in Denver next week speaking at a Microsoft event there.

Another couple things of interest this this week that I should share, the Visual Basic Forums bug pilot was launched. You can now report bugs directly into the VB forums on MSDN and these will be routed into our bug tracking systems. So get in there and report your Visual Basic bugs.

Also, Paul and I rocked the house playing guitar hero and rock band last weekend. “Visual Basic in the HOOOOUUUUSEEEE”.


It’s always a busy but extremely enjoyable time in Redmond.