Visual Studio 2010 CTP VPC is Expiring — Here’s the Fix!

The first episode in a series on VS 2010 was posted this week on Channel 9. The series is put on by some of my favorite niners; Brian Keller, Jason Olson, Drew Robbins and Jonathan Carter. This episode not only shows you how to download and set up the Visual Studio 2010 VPC but also… Read more

Working From Home – In Redmond!?!

I’ve been up in Redmond this week for a regularly scheduled office visit but instead of 5 days of meetings I only could get 3 days in. This is because on Wednesday night it started to snow! Yes, it snows in Seattle! I have been coming up here (and lived here for a brief period)… Read more

Attaching a Local SQL Server Database Using sqlcmd

I’ve been getting asked a lot lately about how to easily attach a local SQL Server/Express database file (.MDF file) to an instance of SQL Server (any edition). In most of my samples I distribute local SQL Server databases and use user instance connection strings so that if you are running Visual Studio with SQL Express then… Read more

SmallBasic Version 0.2 Released

I’ve played a bit with SmallBasic and blogged about it before — it’s great for anyone just learning how to program. Yesterday Vijaye announced the release of the second version of SmallBasic which includes some improvements that I’ve been waiting for like removal of conditional parentheses, support for inline comments and some much needed crash… Read more

Community Article: Scaling ADO.NET DataTables

We just released a new community article onto the Visual Basic Developer Center by one of our MVPs, Jeff Certain, called Scaling ADO.NET DataTables. In this article Jeff shows shows us how to query and aggregate data using the built in DataTable methods as well as LINQ to DataSets. He compares the performance on indexed… Read more

Formatting Data in WPF Controls

One of the basic things that we need to do as business application developers is to make sure that data being displayed to a user makes sense to them and that they know what type of data something is when they are making edits. In every business application I’ve written the data entry forms needed… Read more

Master-Details with Entity Framework Explicit Load

Unlike LINQ to SQL, in Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 explicit loading is the default behavior in the Entity Framework. When a query is executed within the Entity Framework, the entities returned by the query are fully accessible, but any associated entities are not immediately loaded. This means that if we have a Master-Detail… Read more

Why I Love Blogging

A member of the developer community, Andreas Håkansson (a.k.a The Code Junkie), is running a series of online interviews with some folks like myself and asking us questions about blogging and why we love it so much. Check out my interview with him here. I’d also like to thank the many loyal readers of my… Read more

Happy Birthday Visual Basic Tips & Tricks Community!

Today, December 8th, is the 10 year anniversary of the Italian Visual Basic Tips and Tricks community site. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all and thank you for fostering the Italian Visual Basic community all these years! Some members of the VB Team created a video, baked a cake, and sang Happy Birthday in Italian in… Read more