Lambda Expression Fun with Visual Basic

One of the Dev’s, Matt Manela, on my VS community team has started playing with Visual Basic. I always enjoy reading the adventures a developer has learning a new language. You can read the excitement someone has as they learn. I think I’m the same way. :-) Read about some of the Lambda Expression fun Matt’s having.

One thing I really love about LINQ in VB is that I don’t have to do too much work of creating my own lambdas and calling extension methods explicitly for queries most of the time because VB has an expanded query syntax to do most of the common things especially with aggregates. Only in complex or dynamic queries have I had to create my own lambdas to pass to extension methods. They are a very powerful feature, indeed, but it’s nice to have the simple ones taken care of for me like Sum, Min, Max, Avg, also Take [While] and Skip [While].

Read more about Lambda Expressions in Visual Basic in this MSDN Article from Tim Ng from the Visual Basic Team.