Last Day at DevTeach

All good things come to an end. My last day at DevTeach I filled in for a speaker that got caught at the border at the last minute and presented a session focusing completely on LINQ to XML in Visual Basic 9. I went through a lot of examples and got really great reviews for the session. Most of the applications I showed you’ve already seen here, but there were a couple new ones that I’ll post in the next coming days, including a clean, simple app that uses Virtual Earth to map out customers in the Northwind database.. in one LINQ to XML query of course. :-) I think overall people were very impressed with the technology and there was a lot of excitement about being able to use it now!

Of course, what would be the last day at DevTeach without pulling a prank on Beth Massi? Yes the Mad Mexican (as they call him) strikes again and this time it was me that was blessed with the words “I love you BETH” on a round, hairy belly of a crazy Canadian. Here’s the video!

Thanks to Jean-Rene and all the rest of the DevTeach crew for another awesome conference. See you in Toronto in May!