Beth’s Boo Boo

No this isn’t a Halloween “Boo” as in ghost, but rather a big boo boo or small-ish injury to my thumb. :-(


I ended up in the emergency room yesterday because I slammed my thumb in a folding ladder. I knew the instant it happened it was bad news. It felt crushed, smashed, okay I thought it was falling off. But I knew it wasn’t bad enough to call 911 or anything even though I felt like I was going to pass out. Especially after I looked at it under the running water in the sink — the red water was not a good sign. I was with my friend Robin so she played ambulance driver and nurse for me the rest of the day.


I haven’t been to the emergency room in a long time. I forgot how long they make you wait if you’re not dying. It hurt pretty bad (I told them a 6 on the pain/smiley-sad-face chart) but after X-Ray, no broken bones!!! YAY MILK. I’ll probably lose the nail though… but I figure I already bite mine so badly no one will notice. ;-). I have it on ice and the doc gave me some nice pain-killers so I’m doing just swell. Code camp should be interesting this weekend. :-)


But you know, typing with one hand is hard! Luckily it’s my left hand. I have an even greater respect now for people with disabilities using computers. For instance this post took 38 minutes for me to type with one hand. I’m a terrible typist anyway (I have to look at the keys) but this is ridiculous.


If you dare to look at it, click here. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.


Here are some thoughtful responses from my team when I told them about it:


“Thumbs Up!”

“If you doodle on it, is it a thumbnail sketch?”

“If you’re sailing is it a thumb-tack?”

“If you use that hand while operating your car, would that be called a thumb drive?”

“Rule Of Thumb: Be more careful”


Thanks guys! :-P