I’m Speaking at Silicon Valley Code Camp

This weekend is Silicon Valley Code Camp and I’ll be speaking on LINQ. I’ve got two Saturday morning sessions, one a beginner intro to LINQ and then after that an intermediate talk on LINQ to XML in Visual Basic. I’ve got so many demos I don’t know where to start! If you’ve been following along the posts I’ve been doing on the subject, you’ll see some familiar code. But I just put together a set of pretty cool surprises so come on out and see for yourself what everyone is talking about in Visual Basic 9.

If you’ve never been to a code camp, they are FREE developer-focused events put on by the developers themselves. Anyone can sign up to go to or deliver a presentation. Silicon Valley code camp is not all about .NET either, you can learn a variety of technologies.

Currently there are over 70 sessions and over 700 people registered! So register today and come to my sessions :-)