Silverlight Does Steely Dan

Carl Franklin, the master mind behind .NET Rocks and long time Visual Basic guru, is also an AMAZING musician and has put together this entire (re)production of Steely Dan’s “Home at Last” in Silverlight. Carl recorded each track himself, including the vocals, and shot video of him playing each instrument. He then published it using Microsoft Expression Encoder to produce this HD Silverlight video. I’m very impressed with the streaming here, as my broadband modem barely blinked while I was watching this. But what’s more impressive is the incredible musical talent that Carl has. I always love seeing him at DevTeach every year, where people gather in a corner of the hotel after the bars close and listen to him play his guitar and sing. What an amazing talent. Oh and he also does some of the coolest card tricks I’ve ever seen. Carl, you’re a rare gem and a invaluable to the community.