Scott Hanselman on VB9’s New "XML Hotness"

I’ve just gotten caught up on Scott Hanselman’s latest Hanselminutes and wanted to point out this great show on LINQ to XML and specifically his comments on Visual Basic 9’s implementation of XML literals and XML IntelliSense. If you’re a fan of Hanselminutes you know that Scott’s a newly converted Microsoftie and an ex-MVP like myself and his insight into architecture and programming in general is enlightening (does that guy ever sleep?).

To quote Scott about XML in VB: “Writing it is just so pleasant. I could really see my self writing some VB libraries if I really needed to do some serious XML inside them.” Scott’s also got an interesting post on a more “elegant” way to create a single assembly from multiple (mixed language) projects using ILMerge (also the post where I stole the term “XML hotness” from him <g>).

I’ll be speaking on VB9’s LINQ to XML at QCon in San Francisco this November 9th so come check it out and see for yourself the hotness that is VB XML.

Also make sure to check out these resources on VB9’s LINQ to XML: 

And look for some How-Do-I videos on the subject soon!