Happy Halloween!

One of my very favorite holidays is Halloween. I’ve always loved dressing up as something really gross or scary and freaking people out. Every year I throw a costume party the Saturday before Halloween. This year I was a demon and Alan was the devil. Sara even came down for the weekend and was Trinity… Read more

Quickly Import and Export Excel Data with LINQ to XML

One really handy thing to do with relational data is to import and export it to Excel. This can be a total snap using LINQ to XML in Visual Basic 2008. For example, let’s say I want to import data from an Excel spreadsheet into a local database file like SQL Compact Edition. I also… Read more

XML Literals Tips/Tricks

A couple quick tips here when using XML literals in your Visual Basic programs. #1: I’ve started using XML literals everywhere I had been using multiline strings and text merging (as I explained in this post). For instance, I started using them in my ToString methods of my classes: Public Overrides Function ToString() As String     Return… Read more

It’s Conference Time – I’m Speaking at QCon in San Francisco

I’ll be speaking at QCon in SF on Friday morning, November 9th on LINQ to XML in Visual Basic 9. I’ll be with my buddy Rob Windsor on the Bleeding Edge.NET track and it should be a lot of great content. Please drop by and say HI if you’re in town and don’t forget to check… Read more

Beth’s Boo Boo

No this isn’t a Halloween “Boo” as in ghost, but rather a big boo boo or small-ish injury to my thumb. :-(   I ended up in the emergency room yesterday because I slammed my thumb in a folding ladder. I knew the instant it happened it was bad news. It felt crushed, smashed, okay… Read more

Using My.Settings and WCF Configuration with the Interop Forms Toolkit

Recently I received a question from a customer asking how to get an Interop User control developed with the Interop Forms Toolkit to be able to read the application configuration settings (app.config) in order to call a WCF service. (If you’re unfamiliar with how to develop Interop user controls you can read these posts and watch… Read more

I’m Speaking at Silicon Valley Code Camp

This weekend is Silicon Valley Code Camp and I’ll be speaking on LINQ. I’ve got two Saturday morning sessions, one a beginner intro to LINQ and then after that an intermediate talk on LINQ to XML in Visual Basic. I’ve got so many demos I don’t know where to start! If you’ve been following along… Read more

Embed Code and Avoid Underscores in Your Multiline Strings

One of the things I most dearly missed from FoxPro when I moved to VB.NET was the ability to easily dump a bunch of text (multi-line string literals) into the editor easily and embed code (text-merge). FoxPro has a keyword TEXT…ENDTEXT for this and I used to use it all the time. In VB it gets… Read more

Channel 9 Interview with Erik Meijer and Dave Thomas

If you missed this intriguing interview on Channel 9 with Erik Meijer and Dave Thomas you should definately check it out. Dave Thomas is the creator of IBM’s VisualAge SmallTalk/Java as well as one of the original founders of Eclipse. He has some very interesting comments on programming especially around 26 minutes into the interview where… Read more

Silverlight Does Steely Dan

Carl Franklin, the master mind behind .NET Rocks and long time Visual Basic guru, is also an AMAZING musician and has put together this entire (re)production of Steely Dan’s “Home at Last” in Silverlight. Carl recorded each track himself, including the vocals, and shot video of him playing each instrument. He then published it using Microsoft Expression Encoder… Read more