Beth and Charlie Hit the Stage

Today .NET Rocks posted the show I did with Charlie Calvert. I really enjoyed my time with Carl, Richard and Charlie.

But I have to say that I really hate the sound of my voice over the phone, especially my laughing! Ick. And the picture they are using to promote the show.. what is THAT? So unflattering! But I guess the hand waving shows off my Italian heritage. They need to put a bottle of chianti in front of me instead of that beer!




Anyways, I should also mention that Charlie did a great presentation at Bay.NET user group last night in San Fransisco and he let me show 15 minutes of Visual Basic 9’s implementation of XML literals, XML property IntelliSense and LINQ to XML. People were blown away at how productive VB is when working with XML. Thanks Charlie for letting me into a room with a bunch of C# dudes. ;-) I’ll be speaking at the Pleasanton meeting next month, October 10th, on migrating your VB6 apps to .NET so please stop by if you’re in town.