Me and Charlie on .NET Rocks!

So I’ll be recording a .NET Rocks! show with Charlie Calvert (my developer community counterpart on the C# team) tomorrow for an (approximate) air date of September 20th. It’s my first show so it should be very interesting. :-) Carl and Richard are awesome and two of the funnest people I know in the community so I’m looking forward to it!

I guess people don’t realize it, but Charlie and I actually work pretty closely together inside the walls of Microsoft (a.k.a “the office”). We were both in 3 meetings together on Friday with different groups of people, all focused on community in different ways. It’s really interesting because before I joined Microsoft I thought there was some huge rivalry between language teams but it turns out not to be the case at all. Charlie and I are working together (with C++ too) in order to drive the best content, relationships and feedback with each of our developer communities.

It should be a fun time tomorrow recording the show — though I still can’t get over listening to my own voice — it just sounds so weird to me! :-)