Visual Basic Content Rollup for July and August

So I decided to post a summary of all the content the VB team members, including myself, have created for you on the Developer Center these past couple of months to make it easier to find. The Developer Center is a great place to visit often because the VB Team, myself and Paul Vick’s blogs are all aggregated on the home page. Headlines also change frequently and MVPs donate community articles that you should definitely check out. We also have feeds of the CodePlex Projects and VB Forum posts that display dynamic content as well. Soon we’ll have even more content feeds and community features so stay tuned and check back often.

Content Item Details (Since July 1)

Channel 9 Interviews:

Eight more How Do I videos were released since July 1st and a new series started on LINQ:

MSDN Magazine:


15 articles (some with sample code) published since July 1st

Developer Center:

Fresh headlines rotated through this month (these are also shown in the VS start page)

Community submitted articles section started:

Webcasts since July 1: