Live From Redmond Webcast Today!

Live From Redmond: VB9 – Conquering XML with LINQ to XML with Amanda Silver is starting in 30 minutes at 9AM PST. If you really want to dive deep into XML in VB then you don’t want to miss this one:

XML programming is central to writing data-centric applications; it permeates the presentation tier (XAML, XHTML), communications layer (REST, RSS, WCF), is present on the server tier (XML on SQL), and is used regularly for general purposes (configuration, logging, persistent stores.) But XML is not a tame data format, peculiarities like XML namespaces can make it a beast to deal with. In Visual Basic 9.0, XML becomes a built-in data type with a rich editing experience that completely eliminates the conceptual barrier between the code that you write and the XML that you’re trying to express.  But, this is not a toy set of features – this webcast will take you from the guts of the LINQ to XML API to the easy to grasp abstractions presented in Visual Basic 9.0. It will cover tips, tricks, and gotchas so that you reach peak performance when programming against XML with Visual Basic 9.0.