Microsoft ClickOnce Case Study

This week will be my fourth week at Microsoft and everyday I find a cool tool, website, or business application on the corporate intranet. It’s exciting to navigate the company ocean and find really cool business applications. Others at Microsoft probably take them for granted, but I guess being a former architect of these types of applications makes them interesting to me :-). Everything you need to do is online either in the form of a web application or a smart-client.

One of the cooler smart-client apps is our HR application called HeadTrax. It uses ClickOnce to deploy a Windows Forms application to your machine and connect to the HR databases over the web. Last week they released a case study on ClickOnce and HeadTrax which was very cool. And of course one of the many technologies listed was Visual Basic 2005 :-). For more information on ClickOnce visit the ClickOnce website on MSDN.