Async Main() is available, but hidden

How did I miss this? I love C# and I try to keep up with the latest features. What I didn’t realize until recently is that the C# 7.1 features are already released. And C# 7.1 includes asynchronous Main methods. Awesome! By default, new projects in Visual Studio only work with the latest major version…


Quick dev directory cleanup tip

When cleaning up drive space, the first thing I do is remove the ‘obj’, ‘bin’, and ‘packages’ directories from my development directories. They are temporary and will be rebuilt the next time I build the related project. Because I end up with a lot of little test & sample projects that I don’t refer to…


Windows Live Writer lives on as Open Live Writer!

I am happy to be posting this blog entry from the newly announced Open Live Writer! The most excellent blogging tool has not been actively developed for some time. But efforts have been made and now a fork of that well loved application is now provided as the open source project Open Live Writer under…


Visual Studio Tip #7: Whole line editing

OK here is a quick simple one. How do I move or edit entire lines of code? #1 Just don’t select anything. If you don’t have anything selected in your code window then the commands for copy, cut and paste work as if the entire line of code was selected. So if you need to…


Visual Studio Tip #4: Code Snippets

There is lots of code that we write that follow standard patterns with some minor changes for our exact situation. Visual Studio has a nice feature called Code Snippets which provides a way to create reusable code templates for common scenarios. The idea is that you activate the snippet, then just enter the needed values….


Windows 8 ViewModel Property Code Snippet

Visual Studio provides a bunch of good code snippets for creating boilerplate code. For example if you type “prop” you get this in intellisense   You’ll see a few nice property snippets. prop – creates a basic automatic property propa – creates an attached property propdp – creates a dependency property propfull – creates a…


Windows Phone MessageBox implements scrolling!

Helpful quick and dirty debugging tip: I never noticed this before, but if you send a large amount of text to MessageBox.Show() on Windows Phone, it doesn’t just truncate it. It allows you to scroll through it all. Very cool. Very unlike the desktop message box. I was tinkering today with the web browser control…


Give formatting its own line

I got bitten by this not once but twice on Sunday as I hurriedly worked on a new phone app. Can you spot the difference between the the following two lines? Uri uri = new Uri(string.Format("/View/DataView.xaml?collection={0}&id={1}", collection, currentItem.getID(), UriKind.Relative)); Uri uri = new Uri(string.Format("/View/DataView.xaml?collection={0}&id={1}", collection, currentItem.getID()), UriKind.Relative); Typically I like to put any String.Format() call…