Important Updates to Live Services!

from the Live Services blog : Important Updates to Live Services Starting September 8th, 2009 the Live Framework CTP (services, SDK & Tools) will be unavailable. The Live Framework will be integrated into the next release of Windows Live. Stay tuned to for more details in the future. There are a few other items…


Silverlight Streaming updates

1) One common request I have seen over and over both internally and externally is "How do I get a direct HTTP link to my video?" Well ask and ye shall receive. Just use the following format: 2) Plus a new robust, restartable video uploader. Have you ever tried to upload a large video…


Make money with Silverlight Streaming? Yes. Download it as a desktop app? No.

The ads pilot is finally available for Silverlight Streaming. You can fill out the form to indicate interest in taking part in the program. And it looks like they yanked the new deployment mechanism (HTAs) for SLS apps so they can address it properly in a cross-browser friendly manner later.


Silverlight Streaming update!

Silverlight Streaming has had an update pushed out. You can read the details but the summary is a new invocation method: link to an HTA package of your Silverlight app. performance improvement for the accounts that use a large number of file sets more liberal naming convention for applications (the better to use internationally, my…