Important Updates to Live Services!

from the Live Services blog : Important Updates to Live Services Starting September 8th, 2009 the Live Framework CTP (services, SDK & Tools) will be unavailable. The Live Framework will be integrated into the next release of Windows Live. Stay tuned to for more details in the future. There are a few other items…

TwitterDrive rocks!

Once we get the kinks out of TwitterDrive, maybe we should add an RDP player on top of it so you can broadcast your desktop to everyone who wants to watch you read your email during the day. Enjoy 🙂

Feeling a bit loopy

A looping construct is one that is often requested in the Live Framework forum discussions regarding scripting. With the latest release you can now perform loops and iterate over collections in resource scripts. In the following example we will walk through building a function that creates a batch of data feeds within a mesh object….


Building a better library through blog conversations

In my helper library post Jamie Thompson rightly points out that the MeshObject helper doesn’t help that much in a MEWA since you primarily use the MeshApplicationService instead. So he added a few methods to extend the pattern to the MEWAs. Thx Jamie!

Release the hounds!

Up on we have released 6 new code samples including Office add-ins and code in PHP and IronPython! You may read the announcement or go straight to the goodies.

I’m just async. Yes, I’m only async.

Some people have noticed (especially those who read the release notes) that the new Live Framework April CTP removed all the synchronous methods from the Silverlight MEWA library. Sometimes when big changes happen, I like to cull internal email discussions for blog posts since some of our internal teams are learning this just as external…

Live Framework now supports the Windows Live ID Client SDK!

Until now. if you were building a .NET client application for Live Framework you had to ask the use for his username and password and use that to log in on his behalf. In general its bad form to need to expose the credentials to anyone except the authentication provider. Rong Cao has posted an…


Live Framework Update!

As noted on the Live Framework Blog, the Live Framework team has released the April 2009 CTP update for the Live Framework.  This update includes performance improvements, bug fixes, and improved functionality. For the details on what’s new, see the release announcement on the Live Framework team blog.

LINQing to the Live Framework (or “CreateQuery vs Entries”)

There are two possible different ways to query in the Live Framework if you are using the .NET or Silverlight Toolkits. They look very similar but behave differently. Let’s say we want to find all the Mesh Objects which start with the letter ‘M’ and generate a string of all of their titles.  We might…


Moving from local LOE to local LOE

How Do I Ensure My Mesh Object Is Available Everywhere I Need It? Let’s say you have a scenario in which you have a regular WPF client application which is going to create and manage its own mesh objects in the local Live Operating Environment (LOE) on the device. Now let’s say you install that…