Rx ensures Unsubscribe

I recently had an ObservableCollection which did not currently contain the item I was interested in, but it would sometime in the near future. The questions is how best to get notified that the item is available so I could access its full property set?  I only had the item’s ID and the collection’s CollectionChanged…


Windows Phone travel tip – pin your map locations

Whenever I’m travelling I always have two freshly pinned tiles at the bottom of my start screen. Before I leave, I use my phone to look up the hotel I’m staying at and the location I’m visiting (like a customer’s address) and pin them both to the start screen. That way while I’m in an…


Populating Windows Phone view models with Rx

I’ve gotten rather fond of using the Reactive Extensions for populating my data from the web in my Windows Phone applications. They provide a lot of flexibility and the code stays in a readable form. To demonstrate in a traditional MVVM model, let’s drop some movie information from Netflix onto our Windows Phone screen. First…


Type, don’t look!

Just a quick tip for Windows Phone users regarding the onscreen keyboard. Most people I’ve talked to who complain about using an onscreen keyboard have a common issue. They are looking at what they type. This is their biggest mistake. When I first started using my Samsung Focus device I was getting a little frustrated…


Mango goodness for devs today!

From the App Hub’s news comes information on how to update your Windows Phone to Mango today in order to test those apps you have been building with on real hardware. The Windows Phone Developer team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Windows Phone OS 7.1 codenamed Mango for registered Windows Phone developers….


Pivot Title Templates

By default the Pivot Control on Windows Phone 7 simply displays a TextBlock as the title of the control. But what if you want to modify the title’s control template? Creating a default Windows Phone Pivot Application we see that the MainPage.xaml contains this bit of xaml 1 <controls:Pivot Title="MY APPLICATION"> 2 <!–Pivot item one–>…


Don’t ForkJoin your Events

I’ve been using Reactive Extensions for .NET to attempt to wait until multiple async calls to load data are completed in order to perform some actions on all the data at once. Dev Tidbit of the Day Do not use ForkJoin with Event based observables. If you create an IObservable from a .NET event, the…


Metro design guidelines/tips for developers

Not the guidelines you must follow in order to pass the Marketplace ingestion process – these are the guidelines you should keep in mind and follow in order to make your app fit in well with the overall Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI. Jeff Wilcox’s “Metro” design guide for developers, v1.00 The look and feel…


A Windows Phone update is going out!

No, unfortunately its not that update. It’s a small update designed to improve the software update process. Still, it is the first update for the phone and is paving the way for all the cut-n-paste & performance enhancing goodness of updates to come. More details at the official Windows Phone Blog


February Release of Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit

The new version of the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit is available. Biggest things I want to highlight: PerformanceProgressBar built in (no more copying finding that older blog entry) TiltEffect for controls to match the phone’s Metro interface the Transition class is now public which makes it easier to create your own custom transitions Read…