Using TFS 2008 Power Tools to modify server’s offline state

Normally to reset your client’s view of a TFS server from Offline to Online, you would ‘Go Online’ with a solution bound to that server.  The server’s offline state is reset as part of this operation.  If you want to manually mark your server as Online (or Offline), you can modify the Offline and AuoReconnect…


How to make TFS Offline strictly solution-based

For some users it may be a bit offputting that taking one solution offline causes all other solutions bound to that same server to go offline when they are opened (assuming no “Go Online” operations in the interim).  There is a registry key value that may be specified to tell VS to ignore the server-based Offline…


When and how does my solution go "offline"?

TFS 2008 adds improved support for “offline” scenarios.  This blog post identifies the scenarios under which a solution will be placed in “offline” mode. If the Visual Studio IDE is unable to connect to the TFS server when it is opening the solution, then it will mark the solution as being offline.  It will also…


Get Latest on Checkout depends on a TFS 2008 server

It is worth noting that the “Get Latest on Checkout” feature requires server support to function.  In other words, you must connect to a TFS 2008 (or later) server for Get Latest on Checkout to work.  There has been some confusion in the forums because the Get Latest on Checkout option appears to be configurable…


Integrating TFS with Visual InterDev (and why it does not work)

This topic comes up quite often, so I thought I would write a blog entry.  For the most part this is basically a rehash of my posting to a forum thread a year ago.  See: Technically, TFS integrates with Visual InterDev by using the TFS MSSCCI provider.  In reality this is less than useful. …


An override for "Get Latest on Checkout"

In the course of working on the improved offline experience for Orcas, we discovered that going online with Get Latest On Checkout turned on was rather painful.  Specifically, you would never get a chance to generate a version conflict.  This, in turn, meant you would not be offered an opportunity to merge your “offline” local…


A Refresher on "Refresh"

When dealing with forum posts about SCC issues, many respondents will suggest that the user perform a “refresh” to see if this remedies the problem.  While this is often good advice, the term refresh has some ambiguity due to the number of refresh options available. Refresh via Solution Explorer toolbar buttonThis mechanism sends an event…


How to make a project compatible with VS source control integration

The following are the necessary mininum steps required to integrate a new project type with source control within Visual Studio. The project must implement Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.IVsSccProject2 (documentation). GetSccFiles – return which files are controllable for the given item ID GetSccSpecialFiles – return hidden files for the given item ID SetSccLocation – persist the SCC settings to…


Get Latest on Checkout

At the end of November my crew wrapped up our work on the Get Latest on Checkout feature and checked it into the Orcas sourcebase.  This feature is obviously targetted at users who are more comfortable with the Visual SourceSafe model of exclusive locking combined with Get Latest on Checkout.  Note that the TFS Get Latest…


Version 1.2 of TFS MSSCCI Provider Released

We have released an update to the TFS MSSCCI Provider.  An indepth description of the new features and bug fixes can be found in Michal Malecki’s blog posting.