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Windows Azure Lessons Learned: RiskMetrics

In this episode of “Azure Lessons Learned” Rob Fraser from RiskMetrics talks about the work they’ve done with Windows Azure to scale some of their heavy computational workloads out to thousands of nodes on Windows Azure. RiskMetrics specializes in helping to manage risk for financial institutions and government services.  The solution they built on Windows… Read more

SQL Azure Lessons Learned: Telerik

Telerik is one of the more popular component vendors building good stuff for ASP.NET, Silverlight, and WPF.  I was intrigued by the interest they have taken in the Windows Azure Platform.  Naturally all the UI components just work on the platform with no changes required.  Telerik has gone further in looking at how they can… Read more

Windows Azure Lessons Learned: CCH

In this episode of Lessons Learned we talk with Jones Pavan and Gurleen Randhawa of CCH about tax and accounting!  No wait stick around, that stuff can be exciting too.  Yes, really!  🙂 The good folks at CCH (a Wolters Kluwer company) have built an interesting service on Windows Azure.  The solution we discuss here… Read more

Windows Azure Lessons Learned: Active Web Solutions

There are not many solutions that can claim to have saved lives.  In this episode of Lessons Learned I chat with Richard Prodger of Active Web Solutions about the Windows Azure project they’ve been working on that tracks fishermen in real time.  It monitors not only their location but also their status so as to… Read more

Windows Azure Lessons Learned: GoGrid

One question that is often asked is how hosters can benefit from the Windows Azure Platform.  While the platform can be used to deploy many types of web apps we expect many partners including hosters to develop on top of the Windows Azure platform infrastructure.  In this episode of Azure Lessons Learned I chat with… Read more

Windows Azure Lessons Learned: Invensys

In this episode of Windows Azure Lessons Learned I chat with Paul Forney, System Architect for Invensys and Aleksey Savateyev, Senior Architect in Microsoft’s Global ISV group working with Invensys.  Invensys is well known for industrial automation and control systems.  They’ve been working to develop a system for the power industry to manage the large… Read more

Windows Azure Lessons Learned: Kelley Blue Book

As I mentioned, over the past few months I’ve been working on a number of activities related to the Windows Azure Platform.  In particular, I’ve been working with several partners as we prepared for the PDC’09 conference.  While we were preparing for the conference we welcomed a few partners to a deep-dive event in Redmond… Read more

Catching Up and PDC’09: So many sessions; so little time

I’ve been busy.  For the past 5 months or so I’ve been working on something completely different.  I moved out of the Dynamics world 🙁 and into the Azure world 🙂 . In July I was asked to help out with the PDC planning.  David Aiken’s team were doing a great job with technical evangelism… Read more

Dynamics Duo: Silverlight and Jazz Hands

Ok; so maybe I got a little overexcited in the final installment to this 5-part series.  <Jazz Hands!> This time around we spend time talking about how to use Silverlight to build experiences that will compel users to want to come back again and again while differentiating your application from those of your competitors. In… Read more

Dynamics Duo: Composition with Third-Party Web Services

In this episode we talk about a variety of topics including using Silverlight for UI, composing using 3rd party web services and storing complex information in Dynamics CRM. We spend most of our time on the flight booking page. This page was built using Silverlight to demonstrate some of the simple experiences that can be… Read more