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Top Ranked – Market Testing

In this episode we talk about pricing and more generically about market testing.  I know, I know, marketing is probably not every coders favorite subject.  I bring it up as I’ve noticed many apps in the marketplace that are underpriced.  Apps that are cool, differentiated or do something of great value to the consumer can… Read more

Windows Phone 7 Development Jump-Start Events

As part of our efforts to help developers get started with building their applications and games on the Windows Phone 7 platform we’re planning a couple of events in Redmond (May 18-19) and Silicon Valley (May 25-26).  If you’re interested, be sure to register using the links below. Abstract Get a jump-start on building apps… Read more

Zack’s Next Gadget

Zack’s response yesterday to my blog post of a few weeks back about my gadget lust got me thinking about this again.  Zack portrays me a keyboard hater so let me say up front that I have nothing against keyboards.  Some of my best friends are keyboards.  🙂  Ok so having said that I can… Read more

My next gadget… I wish

I’ve been thinking about what the best format is for my next laptop for a long time.  My good friend Zack blogged about his views and some of our discussions on his blog a while back.  I think many of us have been thinking about this since the release of the Newton.  A few things… Read more

Mobility Response Team

While walking over to a keynote session at the Worldwide Partner Conference last week in Houston I did a double-take.  Then I walked back across the street and had to laugh out loud (and grab a couple of shots with my camera phone).   That’s right; the traffic cop directing traffic had the words “Mobility Response… Read more

Partner Conference: CRM Mobility with CWR

Another Dynamics CRM ISV that caught my attention at last week’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference was CWR Mobility.  Mobility is something I spend a lot of time thinking about and the Windows Mobile solution that CWR has put together is state-of-the-art when it comes to line-of-business apps on the go.  What really got my attention… Read more

CRM Mobility News

I noticed this morning that our Dynamics CRM team signed an alliance with TenDigits.  Reading the press release, that’s pretty cool.  Actually, there seems to be lots of goodness to go around here.  I know… TenDigits is known for their Blackberry work and we do tend to be biased toward Windows Mobile.  I know, it’s… Read more

30 Day of .NET on Windows Mobile

I’m getting to this party late but I just had to post a link to this.  I’m in awe of Chris Craft who took the challenge to write 30 Windows Mobile apps in 30 days. And Yes, that’s including weekends.  So from June 1 through June 30 he posted those 30 apps complete with source… Read more