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BizTalk Adapter for CRM: How-To

OMG!  I just found this awesome post on integration of Dynamics CRM with BizTalk.  Brajendra Singh does an incredibly thorough job of documenting some experiences integrating with CRM 3.0.  I got this nice one from Phil Richardson. Technorati tags: Dynamics CRM, BizTalk, Integration… Read more

MIXin’ it up with Live CRM

I just got back from Las Vegas where we just finished up our annual MIX conference.  What a truly awesome conference.  This year I presented on the stuff I’ve been knee deep in since last July.  I was joined by Jason Hunt of Invoke Systems.  Together we did a session on CRM.  Not CRM as… Read more

Rockin’ and Rollin’ with CRM “Titan”

We’ve started to give some of our closest ISV partners early access to CRM “Titan”.  Sanjay Jain a Developer Evangelist with our US partner team talks  about that in a recent blog post.  If you are a Gold Certified ISV partner drop Sanjay a line and he’ll help you get into this cool party. Link to… Read more

Got Passion for Dynamics?

Want to help change the SMB software industry? Are you a big-picture thinker, interested in addressing both business and technology opportunities for line of business application developers? Do you get excited about the market opportunity to bring the latest platform innovations to the future of SCM, CRM or Financial Management line of business systems? Do… Read more

Dynamics: The icing on the Microsoft cake.. er.. stack

A few months ago I was asked to take on a new role at Microsoft.  We’ve kicked off an initiative within Developer and Platform Evangelism to help drive ISV evangelism for the Microsoft Dynamics brand.  I was asked to help drive the content development and programs.  What an opportunity!  I jumped at the chance and… Read more