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Localization session at Windows Phone Meetup in Silicon Valley

I had a great time last night at the Windows Phone Meetup in Silicon Valley.  Many thanks to all that attended and thanks to the Nokia folks for hosting the event.  There were a ton of great questions and comments.  I hope you all go out and start localizing your apps for the 63 consumer… Read more

I think I’m turning European

I spent the last 2 weeks traveling through various countries through Europe talking to developers of all kinds.  The whirlwind tour through 7 countries in 14 days gave me an opportunity to hear many ideas and concerns and to learn about what developers are out there building.  If you attended one of the events where… Read more

Top Ranked – Crash King

View or download the video on Channel 9 (includes higher quality video) Bad stuff happens!  There is no way around that.  It’s a fact; your apps, out there in the wild on consumers devices, will crash.  This in itself is ok but only if you can get the information about those crashes and use that… Read more