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BackKeyPress and LostFocus Colliding

I’m working on a Windows Phone 7 app and ran into an issue that I just couldn’t figure out.  I was trapping the LostFocus event on a TextBox and finding that by handling the LostFocus event I was losing the case where the user hit the Back Key since that actually triggered the LostFocus event… Read more

PDC on your Windows Phone 7

Vertigo Software just released their PDC10 Windows Phone 7 app.  That’s going to make it a lot easier to follow along this year.  If you have a WP7 device go download it now. This year we’ll be broadcasting pretty much every minute of the PDC.  As part of building out the infrastructure and in an… Read more

Windows Phone 7 Development Jump-Start Events

As part of our efforts to help developers get started with building their applications and games on the Windows Phone 7 platform we’re planning a couple of events in Redmond (May 18-19) and Silicon Valley (May 25-26).  If you’re interested, be sure to register using the links below. Abstract Get a jump-start on building apps… Read more

Windows Azure Lessons Learned: RiskMetrics

In this episode of “Azure Lessons Learned” Rob Fraser from RiskMetrics talks about the work they’ve done with Windows Azure to scale some of their heavy computational workloads out to thousands of nodes on Windows Azure. RiskMetrics specializes in helping to manage risk for financial institutions and government services.  The solution they built on Windows… Read more

The Steady Progress of Storage

I’m building a Windows Media Center for a home theater setup I’m planning and in the process was installing a new hard drive into the PC.  Before I dropped it into the new machine I was showing it to my son and pulled out an old drive I had for comparison.  I was a little… Read more

SQL Azure Lessons Learned: ESRI

In this episode of Lessons Learned I chat with Rex Hansen of ESRI.  Rex works on MapIt; a product for visualizing enterprise data on maps.  This was recently released as a on-premises product that enables developers to work with the tabular and spatial data in SQL Server 2008 and integrate that data with maps on… Read more

SQL Azure Lessons Learned: Telerik

Telerik is one of the more popular component vendors building good stuff for ASP.NET, Silverlight, and WPF.  I was intrigued by the interest they have taken in the Windows Azure Platform.  Naturally all the UI components just work on the platform with no changes required.  Telerik has gone further in looking at how they can… Read more

Windows Azure Lessons Learned: Quest Software

In this episode of Azure Lessons Learned I chat with Dmitry Sotnikov, new product research manager with Quest Software.  Quest, as you probably know, is a huge global ISV focused primarily on Systems Management software. Quest is an early adopter of the Windows Azure platform.  They’ve been working on a new offering for their various… Read more

Samsung Blackjack II Annoyances

I’ve been thinking a lot about Windows Mobile lately (more on that, a lot more, later).  As I looked at the device I’ve been carrying for the past year or so (Samsung Blackjack II) I’ve found a few things annoying so I recently set about fixing things.  I’m sharing the solutions here for others who… Read more