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Dynamics CRM at SDForum Windows SIG

I had some fun and met some interesting folks last night at the SDForum Windows SIG meeting.  I presented a trimmed down version of the Business Action World Tour content but still had to cut myself off at 9:00pm.  Nobody seemed to mind though and I got some great feedback. I also got a few… Read more

Dynamics Duo: Silverlight and Jazz Hands

Ok; so maybe I got a little overexcited in the final installment to this 5-part series.  <Jazz Hands!> This time around we spend time talking about how to use Silverlight to build experiences that will compel users to want to come back again and again while differentiating your application from those of your competitors. In… Read more

Dynamics Duo: Composition with Third-Party Web Services

In this episode we talk about a variety of topics including using Silverlight for UI, composing using 3rd party web services and storing complex information in Dynamics CRM. We spend most of our time on the flight booking page. This page was built using Silverlight to demonstrate some of the simple experiences that can be… Read more

Dynamics Duo: Wide World Importers Code

In this episode we dive into some of the real code behind Wide World Importers Conference site.  Girish walks us through the code-behind for the contact/profile and conference registration options pages. There’s not really a lot of magic here.  In fact, I would say it’s quite simple to understand.  If you’ve used ASP.NET before it’s… Read more

CRM Event in Silicon Valley next week

The good folks from the SDForum Windows SIG asked me to present at their meeting next week in Mountain View.  If you’re in the area drop by: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 – 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM Microsoft Silicon Valley 1065 La Avenida Street Building 1 (SVC-1) Mountain View, CA  94043 Join us at the… Read more

Dynamics Duo: Everybody needs an Identity

In yesterday’s episode we very briefly touched the identity and authentication part of the demo where, on the self-service site, the attendee registers using Windows Live ID. In this episode we go a lot deeper. Identity and authentication is hard. Simple, scalable and secure login capabilities require a great deal of experience to build and… Read more

Dynamics Duo Rides again

Girish and I dropped in to the new Channel 9 Studio (formerly Monaco) to record a few Channel 9 episodes around some demo code we’ve been working on for a few months. In this series we’ll focus on self-service and specifically on building self-service sites that use Dynamics CRM on the back-end to enable customers,… Read more

CRM Online Custom Dashboards

Jon White, a Technology Specialist over on the CRM Online team, has been playing with custom dashboards and recently posted his work to the CRM Online blog.  He walks through how he pulls the data using CRM SDK web services and uses LINQ to manipulate the data.  Finally he uses the free Microsoft Chart Controls… Read more