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CRM “5” – Secure Code on the Server

digg_url = “”;digg_title = “CRM “5” – Secure Code on the Server”;digg_bgcolor = “#FFFFFF”;digg_skin = “normal”; digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined; In this video I chat with Andy Bybee (Principal Program Manager Lead), Allen Hafezipour (Senior Program Manager) and Nirav Shah (Senior Dev Lead).  These are some of the folks on… Read more

Learning to build on Azure: One ISV’s Experience

digg_url = “”;digg_title = “Learning to build on Azure: One ISV\’s Experience”;digg_bgcolor = “#FFFFFF”;digg_skin = “normal”; digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined; While at PDC back in October, Ryan Dunn and I had a chance to sit down with Shan McArthur from gold ISV partner ADXSTUDIO to discuss what he’d learned from… Read more

The best MIX deal

digg_url = “”;digg_title = “The best MIX deal”;digg_bgcolor = “#FFFFFF”;digg_skin = “normal”; digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined; The MIX team just let me know about a promotion they’re running for MIX registrations.  If you’re thinking about going to MIX’09 this is certainly what I would categorize as a screamin’ deal… Act… Read more

Brad Wilson on "How Microsoft plans to make its mark in CRM"

I loved this interview with Brad Wilson from the CRM team. A few choice quotes: has a single operating model, which is that you rent it from them forever.  Our software comes with a choice of either having an on-demand subscription offering or buying the software. If you talk to analysts today, they will… Read more

Get your idea incubed

Sanjay Jain on the US  Developer and Platform Evangelism team is running an incubation week for entrepreneurs looking for guidance for building on the Dynamics CRM platform.  If you have a great idea for a line-of-business application  and want to spend a few days working with experts to push the idea forward this is a… Read more

CRM “5”: Deploying Line-of-Business Applications

In yesterday’s video I chatted with a few PMs on the CRM platform team.  We talked at a high level about some of the problems they’re trying to solve as they think about CRM “5.  In today’s video we go a little deeper with Humberto Lezama Guadarrama (Program Manager),  Elliot Lewis (Developer Lead), and Scott… Read more

The CRM team talks about CRM “5”

This week at PDC the Dynamics CRM team is taking the wraps off a few select platform features coming in the next major release of CRM.  A few weeks before PDC I sat down with some of the program managers and devs on the team to discuss a few of these features. In addition to… Read more

WCF and AIF in Dynamics 2009: Chatting with Michael Merz

In this video I’m back on the Advanta campus chatting with Michael Merz, Program Manager for Application Integration Framework (AIF) on the Dynamics AX team. AIF is a standards-based framework that allows you to publish and consume web services.  It’s used primarily in integration scenarios when connecting Dynamics AX with other systems.  AX also has… Read more


I finally got myself registered for PDC last week.  I noticed that we’ve now published a few Dynamics sessions.  These look to be really interesting.  Since PDC is the conference where we talk about the future of the Microsoft platform, I’m anxious to hear what Andy Bybee and Humberto Lezama Guadarrama have to say on… Read more

Kronos’ Dennis McCarthy on the Dynamics CRM platform

Bob Familiar, an Architect Evangelist out of the Boston area, posted a nice interview with Dennis McCarthy, software architect at Kronos.  Kronos is a very large global ISV with a focus on workforce management. Dennis talks about a recent project building a software+services solution.  He describes how they looked at various alternatives including building their… Read more