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Got Passion for Dynamics?

Want to help change the SMB software industry? Are you a big-picture thinker, interested in addressing both business and technology opportunities for line of business application developers? Do you get excited about the market opportunity to bring the latest platform innovations to the future of SCM, CRM or Financial Management line of business systems? Do… Read more

Dynamics: The icing on the Microsoft cake.. er.. stack

A few months ago I was asked to take on a new role at Microsoft.  We’ve kicked off an initiative within Developer and Platform Evangelism to help drive ISV evangelism for the Microsoft Dynamics brand.  I was asked to help drive the content development and programs.  What an opportunity!  I jumped at the chance and… Read more

WPF Healthcare Sample Source Posted

Wow!  We’ve posted the source code to the Patient Monitoring WPF prototype.  I’m sure this will be one of the top WPF sample applications for developers and designers. Some background for folks that have never heard of this app:  About 2 years ago I started working on a prototype that would demonstrate some of the coolness… Read more

Windows Vista + Office 2007 + Virtual Earth = Cool!!!

I’ve been working with Accruent, a Microsoft Gold Partner, as they migrate to their next generation of Real Estate Management System.  Sanjay Parthasarthy, who heads up all things evangelism, invited me to demo the really cool work they’ve done during his keynote at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in July.  In this demo, I step… Read more

Papers, Please!

Opportunities abound for improving our experience on the web today.  Nowhere is this more obvious than in the area of how we identify ourselves.  We’re improving on that dramatically but we need your help to ensure that consumers on the web get the full benefit. Usernames Suck We’ve grown so used to identifying ourselves on… Read more

Anders Hejlsberg: Behind the Code

I love this video!  This is an episode of “Behind theCode.”  That’s a video series about Microsoft employees that have done great things.  Anders has defintely done that.  The video is an informal chat with Anders about his many accomplishments.  They even flew in Gary Whizin who was Anders’ dev manager from his Borland days. … Read more

eBay, Amazon MIX it up

MIX.06 will be the place to rub shoulders with some of the most influential folks on the web.  We’ve gone all out to ensure that this conversation is not one where we’re doing all the talking.  As Ray mentioned earlier, industry luminaries will keep the conversation going in the right direction.  We’ve also reached out… Read more