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Windows Vista Overview for Developer Slides

Last night I presented at the SDForum Windows SIG in Mountain View, CA.  As usual I had a blast.  The presentation went well.  The demos went well and there were a lot of great questions.  I’ve posted my slides those who might want to dive in a little deeper.  Email me or let me know… Read more

I am Smart. What about you?

Ok.  So a couple of weeks ago I posted a link to a stupid quiz that purported to test whether you are dumb. Today Chris Sells pointed me to another quiz but this one is not stupid and actually tests your knowledge of 8th Grade math.  So could You Pass 8th Grade Math? You Passed 8th… Read more

I am dumb. What about you?

I got the link to this game off A View from Elsewhere.  Pretty funny.   And, uh, yeah…  I am dumb… This one had me laughing out loud.  It’s just so damn stupid.  I can’t help but wonder how come people have the time to build these things.  Anyway,  if you have 5 minutes to spare and… Read more

WinFX Overview session slides

A few people have asked me to post the slides I used from last night’s session at SDForum’s Windows SIG session.  I’ve attached them here in PDF form. They’re kinda big at 40MB.  Too many pretty pictures, I guess.  Thanks to all of those who attended.  I had a great time.  The discussion was animated and… Read more

WinFX event in Silicon Valley

I’ll be having some fun at the SDForum Windows SIG meeting next week.  Come join me as I give an overview of some of the ultra cool WinFX stuff we showed at the PDC.  I haven’t got a lot of time but I’ll try to get through Windows Presentation Foundation. Windows Communication Foundation, and Windows… Read more

Windows Treo on Monday?

Wow! The Windows Mobile 5 train is really picking up some steam.  There are all sorts of things happening. First Orange announced the SPV M5000 (aka HTC Universal). Then Sprint announced the PPC-6700 (aka HTC Apache). Now the rumor is that Palm is going to announce the Treo 700w on Monday.  That’s a Treo running… Read more

Cool and umm… Cool

Communication Nation turned me onto a very cool reference tool called ObjectGraph Dictionary.   It includes several dictionaries including a classical dictionary, computing dictionary, table of elements and a thesaourus.  What’s really neat, though, is that it uses a simple interface to deliver results to the screen as you type the word.  No screen refreshes.  Nice!  Played… Read more