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Spy vs Spy

A couple of weeks ago Microsoft acquired GIANT Company.  That’s very very cool.  As a geek and especially as a Microsoft employee I’ve been called upon quite a few times to help friends and family to clear up problems with their machines.  I can almost always point to spyware as the culprit when I get… Read more

Blogging more

Since I set up my blog I haven’t posted nearly enough.  Not that there’s a lack of things to blog about.  I often think of things but never get around to it.  I’ve decided that part of the problem is that it’s not that easy to go from idea to post.  In order to post to… Read more

Research that Rocks

I read an article today about some of the projects that Microsoft Research is working on that got me excited. I have to admit I’m just average when it comes to taking photos.  When I first got into photography I was “all in”.  I bought an expensive 35mm camera.  I took courses.  I even developed… Read more

New Government Services video posted

My colleague and team mate, David Weller, has just posted a new video to MSDN.  It’s a pretty slick lap around an application built by Accela with help from Keyhole and IdentityMine.  Using an emergency services worker scenario, the video clearly demonstrates the busisness value of some of the new technology coming in Visual Studio… Read more

Deep Shift now open for business

Well, I guess I’m yet another Microsoftie to start a blog.  I’ve only just recently joined Microsoft and have been lurking for the past couple of months. Let me start by letting you know what I do at Microsoft.  My name is Ben Riga.  I’m a Platform Evangelist on a team called Lodestar which is… Read more