CrmDiagToolTurbo Update 3.0.5300.091307 + Go Offline Issues

Early this summer I made a post about a refresh of the CrmDiagToolTurbo (v3.0.5300.120707). I added the ability to list the row count on some table on the MSDE Client side in order to troubleshoot and issue with Go Offline feature.   This issue was the “Go Offline seems to work fine but MSDE Db…


Microsoft CRM 3.0 Outgoing SMTP Configuration Wizard + CrmDiagToolTurbo Update

Hi all,   I know we have a quite “good” amount of SMTP Configuration issue related cases these days. The following KB is really good and we use it quite often to setup the CRM Outgoing SMTP Configuration.   939402  How to configure the outgoing e-mail functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0;EN-US;939402   (See…


What does mean the Cascade Option on Relationships in Microsoft CRM 3.0 ?

Hi guys,   Recently I’ve been asked a number of questions about the Cascading options in CRM Thus I wanted to make a quick sum up which can demystify all this a little bit J   I tried to explain what all the options mean: Assign,Share,Reparent,Unshare and all the Cascade Choices All,None,Active,UserOwned with simple examples….


CrmDiagToolTurbo Update 3.0.5300.26707

Hi all, I’ve released a new version with an additional feature and some bug fix on the DHCheck feature. 1°) The DHCheck didn’t work when the AD Account on which the search was performed didn’t have any servicePrincipalName registered at all OR if the servicePrincipalName property contained only 1 item in the list.This is a…


CrmDiagToolTurbo update 3.0.5300.120707

Hi all, Recently while troubleshooting some “Cannot work Offline” cases i realized sometimes the Go Offline process doesn’t work as expected and leave the MSCRM_MSDE local database empty even if, during Go Offline, everything goes fine and CRM UI shows how many records get downloaded successfully, etc….. The issue is, if you don’t download the “System Records” successfully…


How to use the DHCheck feature of the CrmDiagToolTurbo?

Hi Guys, From what I see with the usage of the tool, I realize the DHCheck feature needs to be explained now.Most of the time, the reports sent by customers are not correctly generated because they do not run the wizard correctly and the tool doesn’t give any usage information. I’ll try to explain you…


New CrmDiagToolTurbo 3.0.5300.060607 (Uploaded 06/06/07)

Hi guys, I’ve posted a new version of the tool to fix some bugs. Bug fixed: – Wrong information was shown for the IDF website properties when running on CRM 3.0 SPE Edition (thanks Fouad)- Remove the smileys about cluster environment.- Added the support for SRS info wherever the ReportServer web site is installed. (thanks…


Display CRM Business Unit Organization Hierarchy in a TreeView

Hi guys, I’ve see several people and customer requested this feature in CRM.The hiearchical view of BU in CRM is not something provided out of the box and I don’t understand why because it could be very handy. The CRM SDK offers the possibility to do this using the RetrieveBusinessHierarchyBusinessUnitRequest() and RetrieveBusinessHierarchyBusinessUnitResponse() Classes. The Response…