CrmDiagTool4 (Update v4.0.7333.10)

Hi all,

Please update your copy.


  • There was a bug in the [Server] SQL table information. The tool pickup a random server and this was a problem on multiple server configurations.
    Now the query is specified in order to match the information we retrieve in SQL with the current CRM Server we execute the tool on.

So we can compare the SQL output AND the registry output when troubleshooting.

  • I added UAC support so that CrmDiagTool will be executed with elevated privileges on Windows 2008 (shall prevent some crash issues when enabling platform traces)


  • Also removed irrelevant tests when tool running on Windows 2008

    • Removed c:\boot.ini output

    • Removed aspnet_regiis.exe –lk output (does not work)

This one was generating a lot of garbage data in the log file as it returns the aspnet_regiis.exe HELP text when it fails 🙁

  • Also it outputs now the BUILD of CrmDiagTool4 with which the report was generating to avoid confusions and MAKE SURE customer did update the tool.

You’ll see something like this at the very beginning:

----------------CRM Diagnostic Tool Report----------------
Build: 4.0.7333.10


Benjamin LECOQ
CRM Escalation Engineer

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