How do I test my PrintTicket support?

If you've been following the blog, and adding support to your drivers for PrintTicket, then you're probably looking for some applications to test your PrintTicket implementations with. 

The best place to start is the new photo print wizard (PPW) in Vista Beta 2 (Be sure to note the breaking changes in my previous post:!).  The PPW has been completely rebuilt, and while the old one was effective, the new one is much cooler.  Among other things, it has three drop-downs for some of the most commonly used features right on the first wizard page.  Those three drop downs are driven off of PrintTicket and PrintCapabilities.  It's likely to be one of the first places an end user is going to see the PrintTicket experience that your driver supports.

The other 'apps' that you'll want to run are the PrintTicket test tools provided in the WDK.  PTTest.exe is the best place to start there.

If you're writing a filter-pipeline driver ( then the XPS document converter that handles GDI-XPS conversion will invoke your PrintTicket support.

Office 2007 is still DEVMODE based, so you won't be able to use it to test your PrintTicket support.

Also, watch for more WinFX apps to come online.  WinFX printing will be all about PrintTicket support, as opposed to DEVMODE.

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  1. xmvrose says:

    Is the new PPW an WinFX app?

  2. xmvrose says:

    Is the PPW an WinFX app?

  3. benkuhn says:

    re: xmvrose (How do I test…):

    Yes, The PPW is a WinFX app.

  4. zoom says:

    I didn’t find the PTTest.exe tool in RC1 WDK. Could you point me the right location?

    Thank you!

  5. ashwinn says:

    re: zoom (How do I test…):

    PTTest is part of the Driver Test Manager (DTM) which is only one component of the Windows Driver Kit. The DTM is not installed by default when you install the WDK. You need to run installer.exe in order to install the DTM. Note that the DTM controller is supported only on Server 2003 SP1.

    After the DTM controller has been installed, it will have a shared folder on it, named “Tests”. All the files used in DTM tests are located in that share. So if the name of the DTM controller machine is “DTMController”, the path to PTTest would be:


    “arch-name” in the above path stands for x86fre, amd64fre or ia64fre depending on your target architecture.

    In addition to the executable itself, you also need to copy some dependent data files. These can be found under the …PrintTicketDeltaTickets and …PrintTicketTestConfigFiles directories on the controller share. These directories need to be copied to the location from which you are going to run PTTest2.exe.

    You could choose to run PTTest2.exe manually from a command prompt using the instructions outlined above. But you could also run it from the DTM Studio. Please refer to the DTM documentation for instructions on this approach.

  6. zoom says:

    Great. Thanks for the detailed explanation.

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