Article on Common Criteria (security) & OPC

There’s a new Article out by Jack Davis on Common Criteria and the OPC. Common Criteria is an ISO standard used to asses the security of IT products. This article shows how Common Criteria relate to OPC. Check it out.  

OPC Team blog just went live.

Our PM just turned on the faucet on the team blog: This is the place to go for the latest on Microsoft efforts related to OPC. It’s primarily run by the folks in Windows that work on OPC related tech, including myself.  – Ben


RC SDK is available, updated OPC documentation For those of you following my blog for PrintTicket, there’s not much in the way of PrintTicket news in the latest SDK. On the OPC side, you’ll see no major changes in functionality, though there are a few new error codes and the documentation is substantially expanded. We removed the OPC_STREAM_IO_READWRITE mode from CreateStreamOnFile,…


WinDbg, lists, and hello world

Watching me use WinDbg is probably a bit like watching a new programmer write hello world in Visual Studio. I know I’m sitting in front of a very awesome, powerful, tool, and yet, I’m happy and get what I want out of a vocabulary of just a few commands. The problem is that I haven’t…

OPC Forums on MSDN are now live.

Just a quick note: we’ve opened up a new forum on MSDN for questions and discussion about OPC. Enjoy! Ben


Welcome to the XPS & OPC APIs

My team has been heads down getting some great stuff together for all of you working on printing & beyond, so I haven’t been writing as much lately. I haven’t abandoned those of you who follow my blog for PrintTicket, though things in that space have been pretty quiet around here for the most part….

more typelists & templates

My co-worker Aaron was quick to reply to my earlier post on templates in type-lists with this alternative: You instead add a non-templated function invoker object:   struct factory_invoker{     template <class a, class b>     struct apply{         typedef typedef factory<a,b>::type type;     }; };   Then your typelist has normal types in the…


random bits of Windows-related stuff

[Mohave] Microsoft’s ‘new’ operating system is apparently doing well at wow-ing customers. This sounds fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this story develops. [crash dumps] Ben Martens has a good point here: send your crash dumps, we care! We don’t necessarily look at every one, one by one, but in aggregate, we…

fun with templates: part two – type factories

Scenario: I have a template that takes a significant number of arguments, but in the most common use scenarios, there are some constraints that can be applied. I want to make it easier for clients to use the templates in the most common cases. template <       typename command_base_t,       typename thread_policy_t,       typename completion_policy_t,…

Fun with templates, part one – abstracting operations:

[edited 7-23-08: updated title, tags] I’m planning a talk on template use, and thought my blog might be a good way to gether my thoughts, and also to share some of the concepts that I’ve been working with. Over the next few days (or maybe weeks) I’ll try to post a number of articles dealing…