MSDN Unleashed Code is Posted!

  I’ve uploaded the code from this quarter’s MSDN events to If you’re interested here’s the links from this quarter’s session on IE8 … MSDN: Subscribing to content with Web Slices Official IE team blog  IE developer center msdn.Com/ie IE compatibility center  msdn.Com/iecompat  MIX09 Giorgio Sardo’s blog …and Win7 for Developers……


Get Started with Mobile Dev

We’re delivering some sessions this quarter on how to build applications with Windows Mobile 6 and I wanted to provide some links to help you get started. Although I will be doing my development with Visual Studio 2008 you can also use VS 2005 with the Mobile 5 SDK as well. To build a development…


SQL 2008 Templates…a little more info

Last week in Kansas City while presenting the New Features of SQL 2008 for Developers session of MSDN Unleashed we had some questions of whether this is a new feature in this release. I mentioned that it isn’t and has been part of the product since at least SQL 2005, and someone asked whether the…


MSDN Developer Conference is Coming!

If you missed PDC, you’re in luck. We’re bringing the best of PDC to a city near you. You can check it out – the site is up, the agenda is listed, and registration is live (register with RSVP code MDCEXTB)!  


MSDN Events comes to Des Moines & Kansas City

We’re back on the road this week with more MSDN Event goodness. Tuesday is Des Moines where my good friend from Florida (Russ Fustino) will be bringing the Tool Shed to the greater midwest, and then Thursday I’ll be delivering the sessions in Kansas City. The topics we’re covering this week include: Take a closer…


MSDN Summer Event Links

As promised yesterday at the St. Louis MSDN Event in Clayton, here are the links to the additional information in the slide deck. I’ve also posted the code from the WPF Bonanza project we built onto so you can take a look for yourself at what we did. The slide decks will be available…


On the road with MSDN Events

We’re back on the trail with Microsoft Across America and more developer "What’s Possible". This time we’re talking about WPF, Vista and What’s New with Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5. You can read more about the abstracts for the sessions at but I wanted to list the registration links…


Where can I register for MSDN Events?

Until we get the site up to date you can search for and register on the site by clicking the advanced search box and selecting your city. I found that I needed to turn off all but the "In Person" event type check boxes, otherwise you also get all the webcasts that are…


Upcoming MSDN Event Topics

Picking topics for sessions we present at MSDN Events is always an exciting task. Trying to figure out what is interesting, useful and timely topics that ultimately help developers understand and adapt the the rapidly changing technical landscape can be challenging to say the least. We’ll be updating the MSDN Event site with the cities…


Launch Demo Code Posted

I have been on the Visual Studio Launch Tour visiting Chicago, Des Moines, Madison, Omaha, Kansas City and St. Louis over the last couple months. As part of that we’ve been showing new features of Visual Studio for web development. I’ve uploaded the sample web site code from the Visual Studio Launch events onto….