XNA on Zune? It’s not just for breakfast anymore…

If you haven’t heard about it yet, we just announced some great stuff for developers working with XNA. This is the technology that you can use to develop game software on Windows and the XBox. Well, take a look at http://creators.xna.com/whatsnew.aspx if you want to see how we’re taking that to new platforms!  Very cool…


Video Puzzle Code

When I demo what’s possible with Silverlight I like to show a demo of a video puzzle. This is a fun one to do, where the puzzle pieces are animated by a video file while they can be scrambled around the screen. A lot of people have been looking for the code to this, so…


Just Released! VS 2008

Technorati Tags: Visual Studio , tools , developer WHOOO HOOO!  It’s live and it’s real. And now the waiting is over, you can get it too. Today we shipped Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5.  In case you don’t want to wait, there are some places you can get it now: MSDN subscribers – download…


Look who’s coming to town!

Are you game? Are you a gamer? Maybe gaming is your thing, from Pong to Ms. Pacman, from Breakout to Halo. This isn’t a deep trip down memory lane but it wasn’t that long ago that I wanted to get into computers so I could write my own games…ok, maybe it was that long ago….


Do you do Zune 2?

If you haven’t checked it out yet, the new Zune is available…If you have a Zune 1, you can make it a Zune 2 by installing the update that was released yesterday. Some VERY cool stuff…some of the new features include wireless sync (you don’t have to cradle/dock it to your computer), Zune community (including…


Using Windows Live Writer!

Technorati Tags: New Stuff Ok…so I’m not always the best at adopting the latest technologies, even though I talk about them and help people understand what’s possible. But sometimes you find something that’s so compelling that you gotta stop and really look at changing your habits. Old habits die hard, but show me an easier…


XNA Beta 2 Demos

Coding for fun? Today in Fargo we got a chance to play around with the latest XNA Express tools for building games on the XBox 360. Some changes in how it works, so I’ve got some new sample code you can download by simply registering on my site. Check it out & WARP UP! 


XNA Demo Stuff

For our campus events we’ve been showing the new XNA Express tools to create X-Box type games and the such. I found that the environment was very easy to use, and with a little digging into it I’m able to create my own games and have some fun doing it. Thought I’d let you know…